The FAI (Functional Aging Institute) provides training and certification on how to provide fitness training to mature clients.

The training provided is excellent. Combine that with a personal trainer in your age group, who understands what it's like to get older, and you really have a winning combination.

The International Sports Sciences Association

The ISSA has provided education and certification for fitness trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, nutrition coaches and aerobic instructors since 1988.

Certification of successful course completion from the International Sports Science Association

T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Thomas C. Campbell, author of 'The China Study' was educated in biochemistry. The book is an eye opener and an excellent read. Dr. Campbell studied the long-term health impacts of various nutritional approaches. His courses at Cornell University are always in demand.

Dr. John Berardi, PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrient Biochemistry

One of the founders of Pn,  is recognized among the top exercise nutrition experts in the world.

I liked his approach, science based, very practical, no fads, just analysis and results oriented.

His degree indicates he understands how our bodies work and what we need for fuel.


The Disclaimer

Not everything on this site will be useful for everyone. Look at it as a buffet dinner, take what you like, add what is uniquely yours, and disregard the rest.

Although we are all boomers and seniors, we all grew up in different places, had or have different family situations, different economic situations, different environments, different religious situations, different sensibilities, different living conditions, different bodies, and different technologies. The older we get, the more unique we become. No other person has your specific upbringing and experiences.

We all need to remember the essence of ‘exercise and nutrition at home’.

It is all about you.

You are the one who determines what is best for you, right or wrong! That’s the hard part, but also the best part. You get to make all the decisions.

A knowledgeable source of guidance that is not based on fads will be invaluable.


The Medium Is Not the Message

Your smart phone or personal tablet are phenomenal devices. A supercomputer that fits in your pocket. That is absolutely amazing. But it is a terrible fitness instructor or coach. It is like your personal trainer streaming your text messages and emails through their mouth while teaching you to do a blade squeeze or wall slides. Expecting to get good fitness coaching from your phone while all of your notifications are turned on is like expecting to get a nutritious meal from a coin machine.

If you do not know how to stream or ‘mirror’ from your device to your tv, look it up on Google now. Make your coach bigger. Then put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and put it away until your workout is over. I will constantly remind you to ‘Be Present’ and to ‘Workout on Purpose’. If allowed, your personal device can be a terrible distraction.



Make sure that you’re able to get in a little relaxation time after your workout. Just sit or recline quietly. Reflect on the muscles you used, what you felt, and how it all makes you feel. Enjoy that moment. Think about the purpose of the workout and whether or not it was achieved, or what you may change for the next one.